MR OLYMPIAS. Doing some homework or studying the methods of the early champions of your sport will pay big dividends in training to become Mr Olympus. Research the training and philosophies of the real legends like John Grimek, Reg Park, Steve Reeves, Bill Pearl, George Eiferman, Clancy Ross, Larry Scott, Sergio Oliva, Frank Zane, Chris Dickereson and other Mister Olympias. Discover the principles that they borrowed from each other or those preceding them. Learn how these Olympus legends minded their own unique training gold from the vast reservoir of information from those who preceded them. You'll see that champions such as Schwarzenegger, Haney and even Yates borrowed much of their training inspiration and philosophies from these past Olympus champions. Open our mind to this forgotten resource and reap the phenomenal rewards!

Modeling Your Nutrition for bodybuilders.

Technology and scientific research have changed the face of bodybuilding nutrition. Keeping abreast of latest nutritional advances will only help you progress more rapidly. The information to help you is available but you have to search and seek it out and learn all you can that will help you reach your bodybuilding and fitness goals. The champions of today still go back to the past and search for those principles of nutrition that helped make a great physique.

Modeling Your Attitude for bodybuilders.

In one respect, the bodybuilding champions of today are really no different than those of yesterday. The physiques may have changed, but the attitude that makes a champion is the same. The aura that only a true champion possesses . Those magnificents of years gone by pushed themselves to undiscovered limits just as our modern day warriors do. And of course, there was adversity. Life is not without it. The champions faced denial. Preparing for a show, weightlifting contest, power program or new diet demanded that those athletes deny themselves what others couldn't or wouldn't do without.

To these bodybuilding champions, it may have meant facing a majority of strangers, family and friends who couldn't understand what giving something their very best is all about. It meant the ability to persevere, even when they felt like quitting, meant doing those things that the unsuccessful and unhappy people wouldn't. What it was and whatever difficulties they faced in or out of the gym, in the end it was all worth it.

We tend to remember those who achieve great things in life, whether in bodybuilding or anything else. Human nature is such that inside each of us are special talents uniquely our own. Once we use the talents to our fullest potential we can achieve incredible success.

Look at Arnold. What an unlikely candidate for winning seven Mr Olympias and becoming the world's biggest box office movie star. Some bodybuilders were genetically superior to Arnold and certainly other actors had more experience, but Arnold had a drive that would not and could not be denied. They helped propel him to greatness.

Look at Lee Haney, Mr. Olympia1984-1991 . Here's a man who grew up in a tiny Southern town and had faith in himself. He believed he could be a great bodybuilder, believed in his family and everyone around him and used this to become the greatest body builder the sport has seen. His sense of life balance allowed him to achieve the impossible and enjoy the journey along the way.

Look at Dorian Yates, Mr Olympia 1992. Coming from a small town in England, Dorian had to leave home at a young age. Dorian didn't let this restrict his ambitions. He knew he had a choice and vowed that he would push through his adversity and into greatness.

The champions that we seek to emulate are really no different from ourselves. They have a true love for life and a passion for bodybuilding. They push themselves to blaze new trails. They're human beings just like you and me, and every day they're faced with daunting challenges. The difference is how they face those challenges.

We can either use the hard knocks in life to make us stronger and test our mettle or let them defeat us and to stop us from realising our dreams. The choice, just as it is for the champions, is up to each of us.

The great philosopher Epictetus said, "Men are disturbed, not by the things that happen, but by their opinion of the things that happen". Reach down deep inside and become the champion that lies within you. Take a good look at yourself, for you contain the anatomy of a champion. It doesn't take fame or fortune to become the best. It only takes action with a belief in yourself and a desire to make it happen.

Believe to achieve. There is no doubt that it works!








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Mr Olympia 2004 will be decided October 30 at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas.