What is it that makes a BODY BUILDING CHAMPIONS like MR OLYMPIA?

Many say it's genetics. Some say hard work. Others believe BODYBUILDER discipline is the answer. They're all correct. It takes the discipline of consistent hard work and time in the gym. To be a MR OLYMPIAS It takes a strong desire and belief in one's purpose for achievement. And it takes the absolute certainty that one's goal will be reached that helps mold BODY BUILDING CHAMPIONS.

Champions, whether they be in bodybuilidng or any other sport, share many qualities that are uniquely their own. The will to push themselves to new and greater limits. Such as using equipment like Ab circle to further push their abs the the limit. The quality of resiliency - to be knocked down by the blows of life and to come back stronger than ever. The inexhaustible and indefatigable power to never give up until they've accomplished the goals that drive them.

Body building champions are not cut from the same cloth as the majority of people. While others accept, many times helplessly, the events that happen in their lives, body building champions go out to create the events they want to happen. There is a big difference.

Those who follow the bodybuilding lifestyle are quite different from others. For one thing, bodybuilders realise that a strong mind and a strong body go together. If you take away one, you'll affect the other. Working out on exercise equipment makes you feel good about yourself and those around you. A greater sense of self-esteem is a result of consistent workouts, proper nutrition, plenty of rest and minimising the effects of stress.You can also increase the benefits of your workout by purchasing anabolic steroids. Despite all these wonderful preventative measures, however, sometimes even the bodybuilder can go astray.olympia_73

Sense of balance:

One of the most important things that will bring you happiness of balance. It's so easy to achieve, yet it's missed by nearly everyone. To eight-time Mr. Olympias Lee Haney, balance means keeping focus on both family and training.

In the quest for physical perfection, people become obsessed with their body image and neglect the other important things in life. In the quest for career achievement, people neglect family and friends. The fallacy of working the longest and hardest at the expense of all else leaves many lonely and depressed because their loved ones and friends have disappeared. It doesn't have to be that way. One of the most effective ways to quickly change your life is by using a technique called "modeling". Many body building champions like Mr Olympia use this technique. Modeling is simply patterning your actions, responses, game plan and goals after those you look up to and would like to become. Let's look at how businesses use modeling to be successful. Let's say you're going to open a fast food restaurant which is part of a well known chain. You get the benefit of tapping into the chain's formula for success. They know the kind of building, location, traffic volume, demographis profile etc that is needed to ensure the success of any newly opened venture. Once all those parameters are met, they build the building and staff it with the most qualified people who'll serve the proven products that have made the business chain successful. The result? Success! No secrets, just a proven plan and action to make it happen.

The champion body builders that you read about and see in the magazines are experts in modeling. They study and learn form the great and successful people they want to emulate. MR. OLYMPIA follow timely and proven principles.

Arnold Schwarzenegger another former MR OLYMPIA is a prime example. Studying the training routines of the great champions - especially his idol Bodybuilding Legend Reg Park, Mr Olympias, and three time Mr Universe
- helped Arnold ascend far faster than if he had tried doing it all by himself. Arnold's business acumen was fasioned quickly by time spent with Joe Weider. Joe taught Arnold heaps about business, art, real estate and the like. As a result Arnold became a very successful businessman and a MISTER OLYMPIA at a very early age.

The lessons that Arnold, Le, Dorian and many of the other great BODY BUILDING CHAMPIONS learned can easily be followed by those hungry for success today. Sports such as surfing can help mould the boby into a generic boby building shape.